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The design of our brand new "Clover Earrings" is eye-catching and symbolic, representing luck, good fortune, and prosperity. The 3 gemstones used in this collection can vary depending on your personal preference. You can choose Carnelian, Green Agate or Onyx, we select each gemstone for its vibrant colour and exquisite quality. 

One of the standout features of these earrings is their transformability, the gemstones are not fixed to the studs allowing to mix and match depending on the wearer's individual style and mood. 

The main studs made with 925 sterling silver, holding a brilliant cut Moissanite, a lab-created gemstone that has a similar brilliance and fire to diamonds. As a sustainable brand we have decided to choose this eco-friendly alternative to diamonds, as it is created in a lab rather than mined from the earth.

Our Clover Earrings are perfect if you are whiling to add a pop of colour and sparkle to your outfit, and make for a thoughtful and meaningful gift for a loved one.

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Our products are carefully handcrafted by our artisans in our ateliers, using the finest materials. Wear them anywhere, and they will not tarnish or change the coulour.

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Our exquisite silver jewelry is meticulously handcrafted at our production facilities, where our dedicated teams meticulously oversee every stage of the process. Each piece of jewelry is brought to life by skilled artisans who devote their time and utmost care to the craft. The charm lies in the intricate details, creating a magical experience with each creation.

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Addressing climate change stands as a pivotal concern of our era. We have embraced the responsibility of mitigating our environmental footprint through various initiatives, including the adoption of a robust recycling program and the integration of sustainable and recycled materials into our packaging and accessories. Utilizing lab-grown diamonds, which are environmentally sustainable, aligns with our commitment to eco-friendly practices. By optimizing technology and adhering to the GHG protocol, we strive to minimize energy wastage and reduce the carbon footprint of our production facilities.

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